Best khajiit names

Badass khajiit names?

Khajiits are a fantasy character and have a very interesting myth attached to them. Khajiits are believed to be one of the ten races of human with beasts, in the elder scroll game.

They are believed to be humanoid cats that have ability to produce moon sugar that can be transformed to Skooma. They are fastest, cleverest, most beautiful, unstoppable stealth and agility.

They are nomadic in nature and for the qualities that they possess often in foreign continents they are taken to be thieves. They are blessed with skills at archery, armor, and amazing skills at war.

The hyphenated suffix are not known as to for what reason they are used or what do they mean. The prefix that is attached to their name is a prestigious title that they have earned in their life.

It is a title of that they had been in some part of their life’s. most of the prefix imply a predesigned title. They earn this title with the passage of time. 

With all the mystery and unmatched power that they possess they have some unique badass names and few of them are as follows:

  • Affada Kharmanrin
  • Ashna Sohlvandi
  • Ahkajjani 
  • Zabravi Zahjohin
  • Habrri Jahkstahe
  • Ko’rina Hammubihrith
  • Nede
  • Nord Orc
  • Faherra Chimer
  • Ja’rasha
  • Joz’da Rahktani
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